So our team has been doing some heavy research as to what makes people feel good throughout their day. And yes, we're talking about physical feelings! You know, the kind of feelings that makes a person exhale and say, "Ahhh...that feels freakin' amazing!" So here's the list, see how close it ranks to your top physical feelings: 

#5. Shoulder/Back Massage-  A good ole-fashioned shoulder or back rub definately hits the spot. Especially when you've had a hard days work and just want to relax. 

#4. Urinating in a Large Body of Water-Suds and suds and plenty of suds! Strange as it is, alot of men voted that this was in their top five, describing the awesome feeling of knees bent and their glory out with just the right amount of breeze in their 'face' as they color a lake, river or pond with pure

#3. Scratching an Itch at the Peak of Itchiness-  Ok...let's say your driving a car and traffic is real busy around you. In fact, it's so congested that you can't even take your hands off the steering wheel. Then it happens....out of no where, you get this itch on the back of you leg that requires your immediate attention. But wait, you have to focus on driving and can't scratch it. So naturally, the itch keeps getting worse and worse until finally you can't take it anymore. You finally come to a stop and at the peak of the itch, you're able to scratch your way to complete and utter glory! Yes people, we too agree that this is a great feeling. 

#2. Controlled Last-Minute Bowel Evacuation-  You ever had to do #2 so bad that it literally effected the way you walk? You possibly even broke out in a sweat trying to hold it. The bathroom is only 20 feet away, but you don't know if you're going to make it or not. You know in your heart that if this situation goes bad, it can create a mess that no one and I mean NO ONE wants to deal But against all odds, you make it to the toilet and are able to handle business like a champ! Now that's an awesome feeling! I think we've all been there and can all agree that feels great! 

#1. Climaxing- for anyone who has experienced this extreme sensation would agree that it definitely needs a place in the top 5 physical feelings of all time. And based on your pole's Knoxville, this feeling came in 1st place. So do we need to describe why or would it be safe to say that you understand?...We definately hope so!!!!



Each year, millions of people make promises to themselves and each other that they, at times, have problems keeping. So the KnoxSpot team has done their homework to find out exactly what people have the toughest time sticking to throughout their year.

#5. "I'm gonna write a book this year"

#4. "I'm gonna get my business off the ground this year!"

#3. "I'm gonna get married this year!"

#2. "I'm gonna fix up my house this year!"

#1. "I'm gonna definately get into better shape

Sorry guys and gals. If any of these were your new year resolutions, odds are it ain't gonna happen! But we believe in you :)





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